Only 3% of the world’s diamonds are 100% Montluc

When you’re about to invest in diamond jewellery, you want to be sure you’re buying the best, most sparkling, most colourless, most flawless diamonds possible. Yet however much research you undertake, it’s easy to go wrong or be misled. Until now.

Montluc uses only the top 3% of the world’s diamonds. The cut. The colour. The clarity. All our diamonds offer the highest grades possible.

In doing so, we remove the risk, the guesswork, the complexities. So when it comes to making the right choice, we’ve done all the hard work which leaves you with no choice at all. The best. Or nothing.

When it comes to quality, we go head to head against the big names and win. Which means you can too.

Just check the specifications you’ll find listed by every piece. We have nothing to hide.

Discover how we guarantee you are wearing the rarest, very best quality, hardest to source diamonds the world has to offer.

We bring total transparency to the diamond buying process. You’ll always find the 4C details you need listed by each of our pieces, so it’s easy to compare.”

— Fredrik Stark, Team Montluc

Watch how they phrase it

Some brands will say they reject 97% of the world’s diamonds. So that must mean they offer only the best 3% right? Wrong. Because they reject the best as well as the worst, leaving you with average or less. That’s why Montluc specifies that we only use the very top 3%. So when we say the world’s finest diamonds, we really do mean it.


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