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The world’s finest diamonds. The industry’s most innovative technology. And online-only for unrivalled value. Montluc is, quite simply, changing the game.

Hi, I’m Sahra. Welcome to a new era in diamond jewellery.

Montluc is a contemporary Swiss luxury brand with one very simple goal: to make fine diamond jewellery more accessible to more brilliant women.

Every breathtaking piece in our collection is crafted by expert jewellers using the industry’s most innovative production technology. And here’s the thing. We only select the top 3% of the world’s diamonds, so whatever style you choose the sparkle will speak for itself. After all, isn’t it nice to know that nobody will be wearing better diamonds than you at the party?

Based online, we free you from the costs of shop leases, glitzy showrooms, middlemen, sprawling logistics and countless other overheads. Which means you enjoy the very highest quality and craftsmanship at less than half the cost of a traditional big-name brand. All underpinned by the most uncompromising ethical standards.

Are you ready to play by a new set of rules?  

Sahra, Chief Marketing Officer

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