Dream of creating you very own, unique piece of diamond jewellery?

Montluc can make it reality. Any size. Any design. Any carat. After all, since when did dreams have a limit?

Made to order. Normal delivery time is two weeks.


Make your dream a reality


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Welcome to The Atelier

  • 100% Sourced and made in Europe
  • 100% Exploitation-free
  • 100% Compliant with the highest internationally-recognised standards
  • 100% Guaranteed to catch the eye

This is where Montluc can transform the diamond jewellery of your dreams into a unique reality. Any kind of precious metals. Any size. Any design. After all, since when did a dream have a limit?

So, you have an idea. You have a certain carat or a specific design in mind. Presumably, you have a budget too. And we take it from there.

Maybe you’re inspired by roses… or butterflies… or a simple solitaire. Maybe you have a photo of something that’s caught your eye. The more you can tell us about your perfect piece, the better placed we are to start bringing it to life.

We always work in close consultation with you

A first sketch captures the essence. You tell us what you think and we draw the next version. Repeat. When you’re 100% happy we bring it into a real design – a very accurate painting on chalk paper. And then the magic begins.

Montluc uses traditional jewellery and goldsmithing techniques, a craft not so many people know or use any more. And please note: we craft every single component by hand, rather than simply assembling bought-in parts and calling that ‘handmade’.

After all, this is a piece for you but also, perhaps, for future generations. The final result is not just a work of art. It is your work of art.

Perfection is an in-depth, time consuming, painstaking process. And it’s totally and utterly worth every second.

To find out more or talk to us about an idea, email The Atelier directly.

Fredrik Stark, Co-founder

How we bring your perfect piece of diamond jewellery to life

Tell us about your idea and your budget, together with any images you might have.

We provide initial sketches for your feedback either via email or in person.

We repeat this process, honing and refining until you shout ‘that’s it!’.

We turn the final sketch into a detailed design that brings your idea to life.

Now we are in a position to provide an accurate estimate.

Happy? Now we source the highest quality materials.

We create every component and assemble your piece completely by hand.

Your dream is now a stunningly unique, exceptionally high quality reality.


All you have to do now is attend as many dinners, events and parties as possible.

Unbelievable customer service! Montluc’s Atelier helped me to create my perfect piece of jewellery, a beautiful 1.5 carat solitaire ring. The quality of the diamond, the design, the craftsmanship, not to mention the value… it’s all absolutely stunning."

— Maria Chruzander

If you're not happy, then neither are we.

Satisfaction Guarantee. 100% satisfaction. Or 100% money back.

In the highly unlikely event that your diamond jewellery fails to live up to your expectations, simply return the item to us within 30 days. We will fully reimburse you with the minimum of delay and with no questions asked.


Fitting Guarantee. Try this one for size.

Maybe the ring wasn’t for you or you weren’t totally sure which size to go for. Whatever happened, it isn’t an issue. Send the original ring back and we’ll redeliver your perfect fit, super fast.


The unique Montluc ‘Oh no!’ Guarantee. Because sometimes it just isn’t your day.

Even our exceptional diamond jewellery is no exception to the fact that accidents happen. So if you’re having one of those days that inevitably means you’re going to drop it, crack it, scrape it…you name it…just relax. Return your item along with all detached bits and pieces and we’ll send a brand new replacement.

If you ever need to activate your Montluc guarantee, please email us at

Shipping. The journey begins.

A close-up of Montluc packaging with lid closed


Every piece of Montluc diamond jewellery is crafted with artistry, precision and the very highest quality gold and diamonds. Each is made to order, normally it takes two weeks to receive the latest sparkle in your life.

Our prices include global express shipping and full insurance. In the unlikely event your package is lost in transit, we will send out a replacement at no additional cost.


Arriving in style.

Montluc diamond jewellery ships first class and arrives in the style you’re about to become accustomed to.

We have put a lot of thought and effort in making sure that our packaging looks as impressive as the sparkling piece that awaits on the inside. Handmade in Sweden by traditional skilled craftsmen, it is FSC-approved in line with our sustainable, exploitation-free ethos. The enclosed gift card, the golden lettering, the texture, the fabric…each individual element reflects the highest possible quality.

After all, diamond jewellery is always a uniquely special gift. Especially when it’s for you.

Our prices include global express shipping and full insurance. In the unlikely event your package is lost in transit, we will send out a replacement at no additional cost.

— Fredrik Stark, Team Montluc


Free shipping & returns

All prices include fully insured shipping. On the off-chance you need it, returns are also free of charge.

Easy payment

100% satisfaction or 100% money back. If a ring doesn’t fit, we’ll replace it with the right size. And our unique ‘Oh no!’ guarantee offers a free one-time fix for accidental damage.

Gift wrap

All jewellery arrives in high quality, hand-made presentation boxes and comes beautifully gift wrapped to complete the perfect surprise.

A few words from our ambassadors
— Astrid Blute
— Astrid Blute
Just a quick word to say wow! FedEx have just delivered my order and it was so beautifully boxed and wrapped. It got even better when I opened it and saw my Orbits in real life. I can’t help sneaking a quick glance in every mirror I pass!
— Astrid Blute
— Alexandra Jerselius
— Alexandra Jerselius
Montluc claim to offer the finest diamond jewellery you can buy direct from the maker. I did my research, compared specifications with some of the big brands and now I will never walk into a store again. My Halo arrived in May and both the quality and the value are fantastic. More for less – it’s a no brainer!
— Alexandra Jerselius
— Eva Engelbert
— Eva Engelbert
I wanted to invest in ME. In something that would hold its value even if I enjoy it day after day. So I decided to bring my dream diamond ring to life. Montluc made it an amazing reality with 15 diamonds of the highest gradings possible. It’s a work of art that simply outsparkles everything. Thank you.
— Eva Engelbert
— Filippa Helmersson
— Filippa Helmersson
I purchased two Halo No.1 to complement my existing wedding band. The diamonds sparkle like you wouldn’t believe, which has caused a bit of an issue because next to them my original ring looks sooo dull. I’ll soon be back for an upgrade!
— Filippa Helmersson


Our first collection is on
the way, launching piece by
beautifully crafted piece.

Made with the world’s finest diamonds, each and every item is not just a thing of beauty but an electrifying statement of intent. Don’t worry. You’ll soon get used to all those heads turning, eyes widening, and looks of pure envy.

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