Discover the difference between diamond jewellery, and jewellery with diamonds

Our goal is simple: to make a stand for the highest levels of quality.

It’s not about churning out industrial amounts of products. Every piece in the Montluc collection is created with a level of skill and an uncompromising attention to detail that you simply don’t find any more, from hand-drawn sketches to the finest of finishing touches. In the aspects that everybody sees… but also in those only you do. You’ll find that the inside of a ring or the back of a pendant are finished to the same standards as the outside and the front. It’s the traditional signature of high-class jewellery work. For most brands this is all simply too expensive and time consuming. Montluc is different.

We blend traditional expertise with patented robotic innovation.

Creating the ultimate sparkle

Everything we do is designed to emphasise the beauty of your diamonds. The goal is to achieve the perfect balance of setting the diamonds with incredible precision, while using the minimum amount of gold required to keep them secure. After all, the last thing you want to do is cover that beautifully sparkling surface with metal, no matter how precious.


Maximum wow factor

Look closely and you’ll see that the diamonds are slightly bigger than the width of the gold on which they are set. Even the prongs that hold each diamond securely in place are crafted to cover the minimum amount of surface area. This reveals more diamond, reflecting more light, creating more wow factor.

Then there’s the rare skill of aligning every facet, so each reflects the same light at same moment in the same way. This amplifies the radiance even further to create a more breathtaking sparkle. Most jewellery makers simply don’t go to these kind of lengths. Yet when you see the results, you instantly know it’s worth it.


The Montluc Comfort Fit

The inner surface of our larger rings is convex rather than straight. This means the minimum amount of gold touches the skin, rather than the entire inside surface. It’s just as secure, yet feels far lighter – so the ring is far more comfortable to wear.

A woman getting her nails done while wearing a Montluc diamond ring If the price tag makes you feel guilty nothing else will.