Enjoy all of the pleasure. With none of the “guilty”.


We simply don’t believe that diamond jewellery should contribute to war, injustice and exploitation.

A simple matter of doing what’s right.

We strongly believe that diamonds should never contribute to war, injustice and exploitation. So our ethics reach the same uncompromising standard of excellence as our diamond jewellery. The highest quality. Stunning value. End-to-end integrity. Who said diamonds have to be a guilty pleasure?

Pure transparency. Complete control.

We source our diamonds in Belgium, the world’s most strictly managed and transparent marketplace. Every single diamond that enters or leaves the country is verified by the official Diamond Office. And every supplier signs and stands by documents that guarantee traceability and a conflict-free provenance.

You can’t exploit a robot (but don’t tell them we said so).

Our industry-leading, state of the art robotic manufacturing line meets the most demanding regulations. It provides you with the additional assurance that our production is completely free from the exploitation of labour of any kind. Nor do we exploit the planet: even our packaging is made by hand in Sweden and fully FSC-certified.

We take our responsibilities as seriously as our diamonds.

Montluc is also in the process of becoming a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. The RJC sets an international standard for responsible business practices in diamonds, gold and platinum. That includes a Code of Practices that addresses human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, mining procedures, and product disclosure. Behind the Montluc sparkle, you’ll discover a story of responsibility, expertise and craftsmanship rather than one of rapacity, exploitation and conflict.