Enjoy all of the pleasure. With none of the “guilty”.

We simply don’t believe that diamonds should contribute to war, injustice, and exploitation. We source only from the most strictly controlled supplies possible. Find out why you can enjoy all of the pleasure… with none of the guilty.

A simple matter of doing what’s right.

Everyone at Montluc strongly believes that diamonds should never contribute to war, injustice and exploitation. And we do all we can to make sure that our ethics set the same high standards as our diamond jewellery. So rest assured. Behind the Montluc sparkle, you’ll discover a story of responsibility, expertise and craftsmanship rather than rapacity, exploitation and conflict.

As far as I’m concerned, quality can never come at the expense of ethics. Montluc is actively looking for the most effective ways to guarantee the provenance of our gold and diamonds. We are ready to adopt blockchain technology the moment supplies come on stream.

In the meantime, our adherence to the Kimberley process and state-of-the-art European production facilities mean we are doing all we can to guarantee your jewellery is sourced and crafted as ethically as possible.

— Patrick Rosenwald, CEO Montluc

Montluc and The Kimberley Process

We source our diamonds only from suppliers who adhere to the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process brings together administrations, civil societies, and industry bodies to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. Underpinned by a UN mandate, it has been responsible for reducing global production of conflict diamonds by 99.8%, resulting in a positive, long-term impact on the trade and the lives of people in genuine need.

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Blockchain: aiming for total transparency.

Blockchain technology is set to change everything, bringing total transparency across the entire supply chain from mine to Montluc. By protecting those at the very beginning of the process, Blockchain will play a huge role in making sure that countries and communities reap the full benefits of their resources.

As things stand, the supply and quality of blockchain diamonds are both very limited. But the technology exists and innovation is moving fast. We are ready to start implementing Blockchain the moment diamonds of the appropriate gradings come on stream.

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We exploit technology. Not people.

Our industry-leading, state-of-the-art manufacturing meets the most demanding regulations. It provides you with the additional assurance that our production is completely free from the exploitation of labour of any kind. Nor do we exploit the planet: even our packaging is made by hand in Sweden and fully FSC-certified.