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Beautifully slender, incredibly scintillating, and with the kind of sparkle that tells you – and everybody else – all you need to know.


Two beautifully slender bands of white gold each set with 27 colourless, triple excellent cut diamonds.


The Gravity No 1 wedding band showcases an uninterrupted circle of 22 flawless, colourless triple excellent cut diamonds.

Montluc - Orbit No 1. Circle diamond pendant: set with a continuous line of perfectly selected, brilliant cut diamonds.


28 flawless, colourless triple excellent cut diamonds perfectly set in a glittering circle of pure white gold.

Spiral No.1 - beautifully sculpted, playfully elegant diamond ring with a difference


The same slim and sparkling elegance of a classic eternity ring. A few twists and turns from tradition. Discover the beauty of the world’s finest diamonds…done differently.

CEO Magazine pays tribute to Montluc

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Montluc diamonds above 0.2ct are certified by GIA. The world's leading diamond authority is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards.

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Your payment is as secure as you’d expect from the world’s most trusted payment providers - or simply use a direct bank transfer.

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We ship your diamonds using the industry’s global leader for unrivalled end-to-end visibility. Rapid. Reliable. And fully insured.

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100% happy or 100% money back. Ring doesn’t fit? We’ll replace it. And our unique ‘Oh no!’ guarantee offers a free one-time fix for accidental damage.

A few words from our ambassadors
— Astrid Blute
— Astrid Blute
Just a quick word to say wow! FedEx have just delivered my order and it was so beautifully boxed and wrapped. It got even better when I opened it and saw my Orbits in real life. I can’t help sneaking a quick glance in every mirror I pass!
— Astrid Blute
— Alexandra Jerselius
— Alexandra Jerselius
Montluc claim to offer the finest diamond jewellery you can buy direct from the maker. I did my research, compared specifications with some of the big brands and now I will never walk into a store again. My Halo arrived in May and both the quality and the value are fantastic. More for less – it’s a no brainer!
— Alexandra Jerselius
— Eva Engelbert
— Eva Engelbert
I wanted to invest in ME. In something that would hold its value even if I enjoy it day after day. So I decided to bring my dream diamond ring to life. Montluc made it an amazing reality with 15 diamonds of the highest gradings possible. It’s a work of art that simply outsparkles everything. Thank you.
— Eva Engelbert
— Filippa Helmersson
— Filippa Helmersson
I purchased two Halo No.1 to complement my existing wedding band. The diamonds sparkle like you wouldn’t believe, which has caused a bit of an issue because next to them my original ring looks sooo dull. I’ll soon be back for an upgrade!
— Filippa Helmersson

The Montluc Story

The revolution
has begun

We saw standards falling, prices rising and decided it was time for a change.
Our unique combination of tradition and technology allows us to create the kind of
breathtaking beauty that nobody else can match.
Never before has this kind of quality been this accessible.

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Montluc doesn’t compare
to the very best. We are the
benchmark for it.

Montluc transforms the complexities of buying diamond jewellery into pure clarity.

Meet our stellar diamond ring, Constellation No.1. Looks of envy come as standard.

To put it simply, we only use the highest quality diamonds on the planet, all set in the finest 18k gold. In doing so, we’ve set a new standard of excellence in quality, transparency and value.

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The Montluc Atelier specialises in making dreams come true.

Unleash your inner designer

Do you have a specific design in mind? The Montluc Atelier specialises in making dreams come true by transforming your idea into a breath-taking reality. And don’t worry. You’ll soon get used to all those heads turning, eyes widening, and looks of pure envy.

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