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Introducing the world’s
finest diamonds

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A taste from the Montluc collection

The Halo

Beautifully slender, incredibly scintillating, and with the kind of sparkle that tells you – and everybody else – all you need to know.

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The Promise

The Promise wedding band showcases an uninterrupted circle of 22 flawless, colourless triple excellent cut diamonds.

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Halo Hoops

Two beautifully slender bands of white gold each set with 27 colourless, triple excellent cut diamonds.

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Perfect 6

These six flawless, colourless, triple excellent cut diamonds may well offer the perfect first diamond ring.

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Why Montluc?


We use only the very best diamonds all top graded in cut, colour and clarity. With Montluc, the very highest standard comes as standard.


Combining human craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, Montluc is made in Belgium and free from conflict and any kind of exploitation.


Compare our prices to any jewellery of equal quality...and you’ll find they’re incomparable. In short, we offer more sparkle for your money.

The Montluc Story

The revolution
has begun

We saw standards falling, prices rising and decided it was time for a change.
Our unique combination of tradition and technology allows us to create the kind of
breathtaking beauty that nobody else can match.
Never before has this kind of quality been this accessible.

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Montluc doesn’t compare
to the very best. We are the
benchmark for it.

Montluc transforms the complexities of buying diamond jewellery into pure clarity.

Meet our stellar diamond ring, The Jealousy. Looks of envy come as standard.

To put it simply, we only use the highest quality diamonds on the planet, all set in the finest 18k gold. In doing so, we’ve set a new standard of excellence in quality, transparency and value.

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Our first collection is on
the way, launching piece by
beautifully crafted piece.

Made with the world’s finest diamonds, each and every item is not just a thing of beauty but an electrifying statement of intent. Don’t worry. You’ll soon get used to all those heads turning, eyes widening, and looks of pure envy.

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