The ‘O’

2.970including tax & shipping

The ‘O’

28 flawless, colourless triple excellent cut diamonds perfectly set in a glittering circle of pure white gold.

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The ‘O’

2.970including tax & shipping

Montluc » The ‘O’

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The guarantee. We don’t compare to the very best. We are the benchmark for it.

A perfect circle. The perfect sparkle.

  • 100% Belgium-sourced and made
  • 100% Traceable to point of origin
  • 100% Conflict free
  • 100% Guaranteed to turn heads
The effect.
Where do you even start?

When it comes to describing the ‘O’… well. Where do you even start? Because this beautifully crafted pendant brings together 28 flawless, colourless triple excellent cut diamonds in a scintillating circle of light without beginning…and without end. The space between each is kept to the very minimum as is the gold that holds them securely in place, revealing more surface area and amplifying the reflection of light. The effect is utterly captivating – as the faces of your admirers will confirm.

The design
When simple…is anything but

The very definition of a classic pendant, The ‘O’ is a simple circle of white gold embedded with the world’s finest diamonds. At the same time it’s something far, far more as human expertise meets state of the art technology meets incredible attention to detail. That extends to the parts people don’t see with the traditional ajour technique of cutting a perfect geometrical form at the base of each diamond. This finest of finishing touches ensures the back of the pendant meets the same impeccable standard as the diamonds themselves. After all, jewellery should look stunning not only from a distance – but also in the detail.

The diamonds.
It’s all in the cut.

The vast majority of diamonds are graded from Poor to Excellent as per official GIA (Gemological Institute of America) cut grades. Montluc, by contrast, only ever uses a standard that goes one step further. Two, actually. Our Triple Excellent cut is the best there is. If you’re looking for that ‘Oh wow, I can’t believe how much it sparkles’ factor, it’s the cut you need to look at. Well, look no further. Then look more closely. You’ll see the cut of each diamond is impeccably aligned to perfectly balance the reflection of light and emphasise its radiance.

The quality.
Exceptional. No exceptions.

Montluc works with only the very best diamonds in the world – and needless to say the quality of our gold is equally uncompromising. The Halo Perfect Six is sculpted from a solid 18k pd125 gold bar, a highly exclusive gold containing 13.5% palladium.

The guarantee. We don’t compare to the very best. We are the benchmark for it.

Montluc » The ‘O’

Diamond grading

To discover more about diamond grading and quality, have a look here.

This beautiful pendant really puts the ‘O’ in wow. Studded with 28 of the world’s finest diamonds, its forms a truly captivating 360 degree sparkle.

— Sahra Talén, Team Montluc

If you're not happy, then neither are we.

Satisfaction Guarantee. 100% satisfaction. Or 100% money back.

In the highly unlikely event that your diamond jewellery fails to live up to your expectations, simply return the item to us within 30 days. We will fully reimburse you with the minimum of delay and with no questions asked.


Fitting Guarantee. Try this one for size.

Maybe the ring wasn’t for you or you weren’t totally sure which size to go for. Whatever happened, it isn’t an issue. Send the original ring back and we’ll redeliver your perfect fit, super fast.


The unique Montluc ‘Oh no!’ Guarantee. Because sometimes it just isn’t your day.

Even our exceptional diamond jewellery is no exception to the fact that accidents happen. So if you’re having one of those days that inevitably means you’re going to drop it, crack it, scrape it…you name it…just relax. Return your item along with all detached bits and pieces and we’ll send a brand new replacement.

If you ever need to activate your Montluc guarantee, please email us at

Shipping. The journey begins.

A close-up of Montluc packaging with lid closed


Every bespoke piece of Montluc diamond jewellery is crafted with artistry, precision and the very highest quality gold and diamonds. Each is made to order, so please allow up to four weeks to receive the latest sparkle in your life.

Our prices include global express shipping and full insurance. In the unlikely event your package is lost in transit, we will send out a replacement at no additional cost.


Arriving in style.

Montluc diamond jewellery ships first class and arrives in the style you’re about to become accustomed to.

We have put a lot of thought and effort in making sure that our packaging looks as impressive as the sparkling piece that awaits on the inside. Handmade in Sweden by traditional skilled craftsmen, it is FSC-approved in line with our sustainable, exploitation-free ethos. The enclosed gift card, the golden lettering, the texture, the fabric…each individual element reflects the highest possible quality.

After all, diamond jewellery is always a uniquely special gift. Especially when it’s for you.

Our prices include global express shipping and full insurance. In the unlikely event your package is lost in transit, we will send out a replacement at no additional cost.

— Fredrik Stark, Team Montluc


Free shipping & returns

All prices include fully insured shipping. On the off-chance you need it, returns are also free of charge.

Easy payment

100% satisfaction or 100% money back. If a ring doesn’t fit, we’ll replace it with the right size. And our unique ‘Oh no!’ guarantee offers a free one-time fix for accidental damage.

Gift wrap

All jewellery arrives in high quality, hand-made presentation boxes and comes beautifully gift wrapped to complete the perfect surprise.


Our first collection is on
the way, launching piece by
beautifully crafted piece.

Made with the world’s finest diamonds, each and every item is not just a thing of beauty but an electrifying statement of intent. Don’t worry. You’ll soon get used to all those heads turning, eyes widening, and looks of pure envy.

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